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Greek will be taught as a second official language in Australia


Success of the expatriates, considers the federal Education Minister, Peter Garrett, the decision of the Configuration Commission of the National Programme of Language Teaching in Australia (ACARA), the decision the Greek language to be included in the National Program as a second language and not as a  taught one to pupils with Greek origin only, as it was originally decided.

Talking to the ‘New World’, Mr. Garrett stated that “the success is also due to the mobilization of the expatriates, but the inclusion of the Greek language in the united program is half the effort”.

He highlighted though, that “in order for the language to be developed and taught in the Australian public school, demand should exist” and he added: «the Greeks of Australia should now insist the Greek language to be taught in schools. If the language is taught in many schools it will not only be learned by children with Greek origin, but also by many Australian students which is what we aim for”.

The statement came during a reception hosted by the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to publishers of migratory newspapers in the yard of the prime minister’s residence in Kirimpili Sydney with the presence of several ministers such as the Treasurer Wayne Swan, the Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor, the Minister of Multiculturalism Kate Landy, the Family Affairs Minister Jenny Maclean etc.

Ms Gillard, who had just returned from a successful trip to China, noted that the government recognizes the importance of the immigrant press in Australia and is seeking to have excellent cooperation with it.

«We know that in some cases the foreign newspapers reach an audience that cannot be reached by the major newspapers and have a great resonance», said the prime minister.

In his statement, Mr. Garrett stressed how important it is that the opportunity is given, the Greek language to be taught to all students in Australian schools, not just those who have Greek origin, while he attributed the new rating to the effective mobilization of the immigrants and their educational commissions.

Source: artionrate.com


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  Mina wrote @

Ένα μεγάλο μπράβο στην Αυστραλία!!!!! Next the U.S!!!!!! 🇬🇷👏🏼

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